Linear Actuators

Linear Actuators

Our Linear Actuators offer clean, precise, linear positioning by means of a ballscrew or trapezoidal spindle.  Linear speeds up to 590 inches per minute (250 mm/sec) with axial load capacities up to 36,000 lb. can be reached  For higher load capacities, two actuators can be used in tandem to share the loads.

Applications requiring precise, controlled linear motion with a high degree of safety are perfect for these drives.  Typical applications include sheet metal bending, hydraulic cylinder replacements, conveyor tensioning, and lifting table drives.  Industries served include Material Handling, Automation and Automotive.

Advantages over hydraulic solutions include:

  • High dynamic performance and very precise positioning
  • Multiple positions can be easily reached; positions can be held even after shutting off the drive
  • Constant controllability and adjustability during the whole range of use
  • Minimal installation expenditure, low maintenance and repair expenses
  • No pollution of the environment due to leakages

If you have an application, please fill out our Application Sheet for our engineers to review.

NEW! High-Performance Linear Actuators for Additive Manufacturing

ATLANTA has developed a range of High Performance Linear Actuators which are ideal for Additive Manufacturing such as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Selective Laser Melting (SLM), providing precise positioning while operating at high speed and under high thrust loading. Please contact us for more information.

Range Overview

To see dimensions of the units, click on the "Unit Size" in left column.

  • High-Performance
  • High-Thrust
    Linear Actuators
  • Ballscrew
Unit Size Max Spindle
Spindle Size
Nominal Axial
250 mm/sec up to 32 x 20 mm 2,250 lb.
250 mm/sec up to 50 x 20 mm 5,625 lb.
200 mm/sec up to 63 x 20 mm 11,250 lb.
150 mm/sec up to 80 x 20 mm 22,500 lb.

*Information is subject to change without notice.

Unit Size Max Spindle
Spindle Type Spindle Size
& Lead
Nominal Axial
Force (lb.)
EH4 236 mm/sec Trapezoidal 46 x 5 mm 11,200 lb.
Ballscrew up to 63 x 10 mm 13,500 lb.
EH8 177 mm/sec Trapezoidal 80 x 10 mm 22,500 lb.
Ballscrew up to 80 x 20 mm 36,000 lb.

*Duty cycle is the time running for any given 10 minute timeframe.  Information is subject to change without notice.

Diameter d Lead Ballscrew Ball Nut Dynamic Load
Capacity C
Static Load
Capacity Co
16 mm 5 mm KGS-1605 KGF-1605 2,091 lb. 2,945 lb.
10 mm KGS-1610 KGF-1610 3,462 lb. 5,957 lb.
20 mm 5 mm KGS-2005 KGF-2005 2,361 lb. 3,732 lb.
20 mm KGS-2020 KGF-2020 2,361 lb. 3,732 lb.
50 mm KGS-2050 KGF-2050 4,047 lb. 5,530 lb.
25 mm 5 mm KGS-2505 KGF-2505 2,766 lb. 5,058 lb.
10 mm KGS-2510 KGF-2510 2,968 lb. 5,688 lb.
20 mm KGS-2520 KGF-2520 2,921 lb. 5,238 lb.
25 mm KGS-2525 KGF-2525 3,755 lb. 7,239 lb.
50 mm KGS-2550 KGF-2550 3,463 lb. 7,126 lb.
32 mm 5 mm KGS-3205 KGF-3205 4,834 lb. 11,083 lb.
10 mm KGS-3210 KGF-3210 7,509 lb. 12,252 lb.
20 mm KGS-3220 KGF-3220 6,678 lb. 13,444 lb.
40 mm KGS-3240 KGF-3240 3,350 lb. 7,284 lb.
40 mm 5 mm KGS--4005 KGF--4005 5,351 lb. 14,185 lb.
10 mm KGS-4010 KGF-4010 8,544 lb. 15,534 lb.
20 mm KGS-4020 KGF-4020 7,487 lb. 17,108 lb.
40 mm KGS-4040 KGF-4040 7,869 lb. 22,908 lb.
50 mm 10 mm KGS-5010 KGF-5010 15,446 lb. 35,035 lb.
20 mm KGS-5020 KGF-5020 13,490 lb. 30,641 lb.
63 mm 10 mm KGS-6310 KGF-6310 17,086 lb. 44,290 lb.