ATLANTA Announces Revolutionary New Class of Precision Gear Racks

Precision Gear Racks

ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce a new class of precision gear racks which offer several significant advantages over traditional gear racks. The StrongLine class of gear racks from ATLANTA utilizes an innovative carburized case-hardening process to increase the strength of the rack, including the tooth flanks and root, which maximizes its power density, stiffness and performance. Because of the increased power density, a smaller rack size can often be used compared to traditional gear racks, or performance can be increased on existing systems.

Further benefits of the special hardening process include increased strength and durability of the rack with stronger mounting holes. The racks are precision ground on the teeth and all sides to achieve extremely accurate pitch deviation and parallelism. The rack mounting holes were optimized for maximum holding force to insure the rack remains stationary under high forces.

The end result of these innovative manufacturing technologies is a highly dynamic, accurate and efficient gear rack – the StrongLine. These gear racks, which are available in straight and helical versions, can be combined with our precision pinions and servo reducers to create an ultra-high precision rack & pinion drive system. Applications requiring high feed forces, stiffness and precision with a compact design are ideal for these racks and can typically be found in the Machine Tool and Aerospace industries.

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