New Premium Drive Brochure Highlights Patented Products from ATLANTA

ATLANTA Drive Systems Inc., who is known throughout the World as an industry leader in Rack & Pinion Drive Technologies, has released a new Premium Drive brochure which highlights the patented products they have available.

The patented products from ATLANTA include their TR ISO flanged pinions, which have pitch diameters smaller than their mounting bolt circle. This reduces the required torque and provides a very high stiffness for the drive system. Also highlighted are their patented rack assembly kits, which allow racks to be mounted end-to-end with no error, and their integrated rack assembly device, which aids in the assembly of the integrated racks to the linear guides.

The new Premium Drive brochure also highlights their Ultra-High Precision (UHPR) Gear Racks. These racks include their DIN 3 hardened & ground racks, which have accuracies of less than twelve microns per meter length, and their StrongLine case-hardened gear racks. The StrongLine racks utilize an innovative carburized case-hardening process to increase the strength of the rack, including the tooth flanks and root, which maximizes its power density, stiffness and performance.

ATLANTA has the widest standard range of rack and pinions in the World, consisting of both helical & straight (spur) tooth versions, in an assortment of sizes (module 1.0 to 12.0), materials and quality levels (DIN 3 to 10, AGMA 8 to 12+).

Further information is available on ATLANTA’s website at or call (800) 505-1715. Also follow ATLANTA at