ATLANTA Drive Systems Announces Industry 4.0 Product Developments

Industry 4.0

ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce a new range of Industry 4.0 product developments, providing machine builders huge performance improvements and productivity gains.

Historically, industrial revolutions result in huge productivity gains, driving down product costs and increasing demand. Industry 4.0 is a German government initiative which is being called the next industrial revolution. It involves integrating people, product and machines to control processes and expand flexibility. The manufactured product, environmental variables and machine variables are tracked, measured, analyzed and controlled throughout the manufacturing process using smart devices or sensors.

ATLANTA plans to integrate Industry 4.0 into its rack & pinion and servo reducer products. All racks will be measured for pitch deviation, individually marked and logged in the cloud. Using an app, customers will be able to scan a rack and look up the production and product information. It would be possible to order an exact replacement of the rack with the same tolerances.

Customers would also be able to use this information to optimally mount racks to achieve an overall pitch deviation near zero. The customer would scan a series of racks and then the app would tell them in what order to mount them to achieve zero pitch error.

For gearboxes, the motor flanges would be fitted with sensors to measure temperature, vibration, speed and displacement. This would help monitor the gearbox and motor to insure they are working properly.

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