New High-Thrust Linear Actuators Offer Clean, Precise Positioning

High-Thrust Linear Actuators

ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce a new range of High-Thrust Linear Actuators, offering clean, precise linear positioning by means of rotating or non-rotating spindles. Linear speeds up to 550 inches per minute can be achieved and strokes up to 20 inches are available standard. Axial load capacities up to 36,000 lb. are possible, with higher load capacities reached by using two actuators in tandem to share the loads.

Applications requiring precise, controlled linear motion with a high degree of safety are perfect for these drives. Typical applications include sheet metal bending, hydraulic cylinder replacements, conveyor tensioning, and scissor-lift table drives. Industries served include Material Handling, Automation and Automotive.

These actuators also include safety devices to track the spindle travel position and any wear of the supporting nut. Additional safety can be realized with an internal safety nut in case of failure of the supporting nut. The actuators can be self-locking (the axial load will not back drive the gearbox and motor), which is critical for machines that must hold a load stationary even with a loss of power.

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