Automatic Lubricators - Type 125 & 475 (Classic)

125 & 475 Classic Automatic Lubricators

These single-point lubricators are electronically controlled lubricators which offer precise, reliable delivery of lubricant based on the grease gun principle. After setting the dip-switch settings on the lubricator, nitrogen gas is generated electronically to build pressure and move an internal piston.

The grease flow is pushed out continuously (not pulsating) at constant pressure according to the selected flow rate. Depending on application requirements, an emptying time of 1 to 18 months can be selected by setting the dip-switches on the lubricator.

The transparent housing, which can be mounted in any position, allows for a visual check of grease level still available.  Once the lubricator is completely empty, it is possible to refill and reuse it.

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Pump TypeNitrogen Pressure Chamber (Replaceable)
Operating Pressure0.2 - 3.0 bar
Empty Time1 to 18 months
Empty SensorVisual
Time or Pulse ControlTime Mode
Lubricant Amount100 cc460 cc
Lubricant TypesOils and Greases up to NLGI 1
Operating Temperature Range-30º C to +50º C
Operating Voltage3V (Batteries or External Power)
Weight Empty420 g600 g
Dimensions H x Ø10.0 x 8.0 cm15.0 x 11.5 cm
Outlet Port SizeG1/4" (ATEX - G1/8")G1/2" (ATEX - G1/4")
Performance MonitoringRed / Green LED
Machine SynchronizationWith Contact Cable
ATEX Available II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 / T3 Gb

Lubricant Flow Rates

The following table shows the lubricant flow rates of the automatic lubricators.

Lubricant Per Day (cc)

Lubrication Cycle
(every X hours)

Per Cycle (cc)

To Empty
Model 125 Model 475

Lubricator Design  

Operating Manuals:

125 cc Lubricator

475 cc Lubricator

Refilling Lubricators with Grease